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Prague, capital city of the Czech republic, has hundreds of years of tradition. There are many historical sights varying from romanesque architecture, renaissance to unique art deco. Prague is not only famous for its history but lives with its modern life keeping pace with worlds leading cities.

Czech Technical University in Prague is czech leading technical university. CTU in Prague offers various study programmes on eight faculties and several other departments. A wide range of opportunities in the field of science and research is provided at CTU in Prague.

Faculty of Transportation Sciences is located in the city downtown and serves as a base for numerous world-class researchers and lecturers.

Come join us studying the bachelor´s degree programmes Professional Pilot and Air Transport and master´s degree programme Air Traffic Control and Management.

To help you with nostrification, accommodation or visa check out our Czech-Chinese Center that has plentiful of experience and so far has helped many who are now our proud students.

Come study to the best city in the world, in the heart of Europe!

We are looking forward for you to join us!


Professional Pilot

The study field Professional Pilot (PIL) is a specialized study field which prepares students in a complex manner in compliance with current European standards to become flight crew in commercial air transport as well as in other commercial-oriented areas of civil aviation. Theoretical training compliant with EU Regulation integrated into the syllabus enables students to apply for theoretical exams at the air transport pilot level (ATP) at the Czech Civil Aviation Authority. PIL programme also includes practical pilot training up to a level enabling the student to be member of an airline crew.

The objective of PIL programme is to provide complex preparation according to international and European law so that student attends theoretical training at the University in parallel to practical flight training at an air school (self-sponsored).

The theoretical part is provided in a form of an integrated Air Transport Pilot (ATP) course at CTU in Prague, the Faculty of Transportation Sciences as it has a statute of an Approved Training Organization (CZ/ATO-010). Practical training is provided by partner flight schools.

After completing both theoretical and practical parts graduates obtain a certificate enabling them to apply for the theoretical examination at the Czech Civil Aviation Authority. 

Graduates are prepared to take positions in air transport such as first officer in multi-pilot airplanes in commercial air transport, commander in aerial work operations and managerial positions in civil aviation. Most positions are subject to passing theoretical and practical exams in compliance with Part FCL.


This unique programme combines university study with practical training. Graduates hold both aviation university degree as well as EASA ATP(A)-frozen licence. Currently, almost all graduates are employed within airlines and bizzjet operators.


Air Transport

The study field Air Transport (LED) focuses on education of future air transport professionals proficient in operations and technology in civil aviation in the Czech Republic and worldwide. The syllabus is based on practical and current requirements of the EU which are implemented in the Czech Republic. The subjects have been chosen to include operational and organizational aspects of air transport which are closely linked to real operations.

The study is divided into two blocks. The first study block consists of three semesters of total 6 semesters. Study plan in the first block is same for all bachelor students in study program Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications at Faculty of Transportation Sciences. Second block of the study programme (4th – 6th semester) is project orientated. Students choose from number of offered projects. Projects assignment is based on interview of a student and Head of the project . Wide variety of topics are covered in 14 offered student projects which are focused on current issues in the field of aviation. Student is given several issues to work on which eventually leads to a focus on particular topic which is then covered in student´s final thesis. Second block is specific not just because of the projects but also thanks to wide offering of aviation oriented subjects which are all more or less connected to each other but on all accounts deepening student´s knowledge. Subjects taught by a Department of Air Transport are targeting operational and organizational issues. As an example of taught topics might be Air Traffic Management, navigation, flight planning, airport operations, construction of an aircraft or an engine or maintenance requirements. All mentioned topics are put into the context of economics and international and European law.  

Students projects offered for LED study programme:

  • CNS/ATM Technologies and Operational Procedures

  • Human Factor in Aviation

  • Aviation Safety and Security

  • Modern Trends of Development of the Airports

  • Operations and Economic of the Air Transport

  • Unmanned Vehicles


Graduates can find jobs in air transport in a number of other European countries in operational, technical and administrative positions. They are prepared to take medium management posts in airlines, airport operators, air traffic control providers as well as supervisory functions at the Czech Civil Aviation Authority or at the Department of Civil Aviation at the Ministry of Transport.

Air Traffic Control and Management

The field is focused on university degree education of experts for upper-level management posts in the domain of civil aviation with an emphasis on Czech and European environment. Study field content follows bachelor studies (especially study field Air Transport) and it is in line with qualification requirements united for EU member states and laid down by standards from International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and other EU institutions.

Knowledge and skills acquired during bachelor studies are deepened by theory-based and transportation technology-oriented subjects (both faculty-wide). Specific subjects are focused on operational technology whose aim is to extend aviation domain knowledge. Additional specialization is provided in form of dedicated projects and project-related subjects.

Our students are currently focused on specific work within following projects:

  • CNS/ATM Technologies and Operational Procedures

  • Human Factor in Aviation

  • Aviation Safety and Security

  • Modern Trends of Development of the Airports

  • Operations and Economic of the Air Transport

  • Unmanned Vehicles

The goal of master’s studies is to provide graduates with the necessary training required by Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic for performing theoretical examination for upper-level management posts. Graduates are expected to finish their studies in line with law, i.e. by passing state examination and defending their master’s thesis.


Study at the Department of Air Transport, Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Czech Technical University in Prague offers an education in dynamically developing and highly attractive area of air transport, which belongs together with aeronautics to the top branches utilizing the newest knowledge of science and technology.

Our graduates can earn bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree at prestigious and highly regarded university that ranks among the oldest technical universities in Europe.

There are following study fields available for bachelor’s degree programme: Professional Pilot (PIL) and Air Transport (LED). Department offers master’s degree programme Air Traffic Control and Management (PL) study field, which extends to doctoral degree programme.

Our graduates are educated in accordance with applicable European standards, in cooperation with our partners from aviation industry. Pilots can obtain ATPL licence which is accepted in the EU. 


Faculty of Transportation Sciences and its part, the Department of Air Transport, cooperates with many foreign universities in the domain of aviation where students can complete part of their studies.

The interest in our prestigious aviation study fields made us the leader in aviation education provision at Czech and Slovak aviation university market. Become a student of Department of Air Transport, CTU in Prague and rank among the successful graduates of our aviation study fields who became top experts in civil aviation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and world-wide!




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Enrollment time of CTU?
The deadline of submission of applications is by 31th March 2019. 

Entrance exams are held in June. 

Enrollment is usually held in September. 

When can I start to study? 
Right now, first semester starts in October. 

What is the admissions deadline? 
There is usually one deadline by the end of March, right now extraordinary term of the entrance procedure is open. The deadline of submission of applications is by 31th March 2019.

More information: https://www.fd.cvut.cz/english/applicants/entrance-procedure.html

What formal matters do I need to resolve to study in CTU?

You need to pass the admission exams. Another condition of admission is to have completed highschool study and provide highschool leaving certificate which has to be nostrificated. Nostrification is a process of recognition of your highschool diploma which basically means that Czech authority compares the volume of your highschool knowledge with the knowledge of Czech students. For that you need to prepare several documents as diploma report and listing of all subjects you have studied.

How much is the CTU tuition per semester? 

55 000CZK at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences for bachelor studies.

What are the costs for CTU dormitories? 
Costs vary from 500-1900€ per year depending on how many people live in the room, what dormitory it is and what floor is the room on. For more information, please look at CTU dormitories website: https://www.suz.cvut.cz/en/pricelist.

How long can I stay on students visas? 
Students visa is valid for one year according to the confirmation of study/student status certificate. Every year it has to be prolonged by submitting new confirmation of study/student status certificate. 

How much costs complex health insurance? 
Around 7 500CZK. 

How many majors are taught in English language? 
In bachelor degree there are two, the Professional Pilot programme and Air Transport programme. In masters degree there are also two majors available, Intelligent Transport Systems and Air Traffic Control and Management. 

Why to choose CTU in Prague for pilot study?

Among thousands of other reasons, we believe that CTU is the leading aviation university in the Czech Republic. Professional pilot programme combines university degree with EASA study for ATP(A) licence. Thanks to the Prague airport, our teachers are professionals that work for airlines and In addition, you will spend your free time in the nicest city in the world. All our pilot graduates work within ailines or bizzjet companies.


How long it takes to finish the study?

Standard bachelor study takes 3 years, also the integrated ATP(A) course lasts 36 months meaning that after 36 months


Do I need to obtain medical certificate before studies?

We highly reccommend to obtain the medical certificate before the beginning the study. To finish the training, you need to be a holder of Class 1 medical certificate issued by EASA AMC according to Part-MED. One of them is located directly in Prague (website: http://ulz.cz/en).

How much does the Pilot programme cost and do I need to pay everything at once?

Tuition fee is 55 000 CZK per semester - bachelor degree consists of 6 study semesters. However, this doesn't include practical flight training which is done in contracted flight school. The amount for practical training is approximately 1.2 mil. CZK. You have to have in mind extra costs for accommodation and living in general.

There is no need to pay the whole ammount at once.


Who may I contact in order to get more information about Professional pilot programme?

You may contact …..

Roman Matyas, Head of Training of CZ/ATO-010 – matyarom(at)fd(dot)cvut(dot)cz

Great! Your messeage has been received.